Private Land Whitetail Hunts

We provide you with the opportunity to get your trophy whitetail buck. On our private land leases totaling over 2500 acres, there has been very limited hunting over the past decade.

We have set tree and ground blinds along heavily traveled trails to and from the alfalfa and grain fields for optimal hunting opportunity. There are very liberal bag limits; you can buy additional over the counter doe licenses.

2017 Hunting Dates


Season: September 2–October 16


Season: October 20–November 26

Bookings are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
We limit one hunting party on the ranch at a time.

2017 Rates

$2500/per hunter for a five-day hunt.

$1800/per hunter for a three-day hunt.

Includes access to private land, semi-guided hunts and lunch.

1/2 of total due is required to reserve your hunt. Second, 1/2 payment is due August 15, 2017. Invoices will be emailed upon reservation.


The private land lease is in Montana Hunting District 322. With traditionally open hunting regulations on whitetail deer, you can purchase over the counter tags for does and save your general deer tag for the trophy whitetail buck.

Regulations from MT – FWP

Archery season is usually hot. As the season progresses, we expect cooler to cold weather. We have archery hunted when the daytime high hit 100 degrees and have also had a week of straight rain. We very rarely experience snow in the lower elevations of our whitetail lease. Rain can hit at any time, so be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Our rifle hunts begin in October, and we expect mid-range temperatures during the days, and freezing nights. As the season progresses, the chance of colder, snowy weather increases. Be prepared to layer up as mornings can start cold and progress to warm weather in during mid-day.

Whitetail hunts do not include lodging in the booking price, we do work with our hunters on booking lodging. We can work within various budgets to stay in a private lodge or with a hotel partner.

Overnight lodging, breakfast and dinner are not included in the private land whitetail hunts.

Your personal gear, meat processing and shipping, taxidermy, licenses, gratuities, and any other items not listed as being included.

We will provide you with a recommended list of personal gear to bring for your hunt when you’ve booked your hunt.

We provide round trip shuttles with different associated costs from the following airports:

  • Butte, Montana—$300
  • Bozeman, Montaa—$500
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho—$500

Shuttles are for four or fewer passengers. We can accommodate more passengers with prior notice.

If you choose to rent a car or drive, we will provide you with directions.

Depending on availability we can accommodate fishing and bird hunt days as part of your hunt. During book we can work to schedule add on activities before, after or to break up deer hunting days.

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